Big5 Safari Tanzania

Big5 Safari Tanzania is a young and dynamic Tanzanian/Dutch Company. We distinguish ourselves from other organizations by only working with Tanzanian staff. The employees are employed by us and receive a steady income. This contrasts with other organizations where employees are on call basis. In this way, we provide a solid contribution to the living and housing climate of at least some Tanzanians and their families.

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Customized Tours

Everything is completely dependent on your time and budget. You may have a very specific purpose why you want to come to Tanzania (for example climbing the Kilimanjaro! Business trip), or you want a short or long safari, driving a beautiful route, combining nature with culture. We have the knowledge, ideas, cars, drivers, and guides to give you the trip of a lifetime in Tanzania. If you have ideas; want a shorter or longer stay or a different itinerary? Everything is possible. We will do everything to make your dream trip to Tanzania a reality to be.

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