Mikumi National Park

Mikumi National Park is located in East Central Tanzania on the Central African plateau, about 300 km away from Dar es Salaam.

The entire park is slightly larger than Luxembourg, with the southern boundary, which coincides with the Tanzam Railway separating Mikumi from the Selous Game Reserve.
Many people come specifically to Mikumi for the flood plains, but there are many reasons to visit this special area. The relatively open plains attract many species of wildlife, driving is comfortable, visibility is very good and there are almost no tsetse fly.

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A hard layer of black clay, known as “black cotton soil”, characterizes the plains. The flood plain has a population of trees, ranging from several types of acacias; tamarind trees and in certain areas African Blackwood emerges.

The vegetation is dependent on the climate. The climate in East Central Tanzania differs a lot from the Northern part of Tanzania. Mikumi does not have two distinct rainy seasons, but one, from mid December to mid-May, but this can vary from year to year. During the wet season, it can be hot and humid sometimes with temperatures reaching 33° Celsius, but because there is usually a breeze blowing, it is sufferable. In the wet season, Mikumi is easily accessible.

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