How Big5 Safarai Tanzania works

Big5 Safari Tanzania is a young and dynamic Tanzanian/Dutch Company. We distinguish ourselves from other organizations by only working with Tanzanian staff. The employees are employed by us and receive a steady income. This contrasts with other organizations where employees are on call basis. In this way, we provide a solid contribution to the living and housing climate of at least some Tanzanians and their families.
Just because we work with only Tanzanians, qualified, good English speaking guides, we can offer a better and proper travel. Partly because they are employed by Big5 Safari Tanzania and therefore certain of a fixed income, they will do their utmost best to show the guests the best of their country. Big5 Safari Tanzania thinks it is important that we all take our responsibility by handling nature, humans and the environment with care, so that future generations can continue to enjoy of the Tanzanian life




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