Customized Tours

Everything is completely dependent on your time and budget. You may have a very specific purpose why you want to come to Tanzania (for example climbing the Kilimanjaro! Business trip), or you want a short or long safari, driving a beautiful route, combining nature with culture. We have the knowledge, ideas, cars, drivers, and guides to give you the trip of a lifetime in Tanzania. If you have ideas; want a shorter or longer stay or a different itinerary? Everything is possible. We will do everything to make your dream trip to Tanzania a reality to be.

Big5 Safari Tanzania offers you customized tours.

Excellent customized

No one like yourself knows better what experience you expect to have on your trip. Whether you want to stay days in the bush, or if you prefer to unwind in a luxurious accommodation or in a deserted spot. Alternatively, a combination of all these choices. Your wishes are our starting point to plan your trip. Of course, you can hereby fully rely on the expertise of our staff, they are born Tanzanians.

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